PatientEducationMD: Who are we?

We are a passionate team of web technicians, web designers, and copyeditors based in Omaha, Nebraska. We are working with our medical expert Dr. Sapkota to create a detail-oriented patient education website where regular people can easily learn complex medical issues and use the information to make better decisions about their health.

What is our mission?

Our mission is to educate patients and families by proving detailed answers to every aspect of common but serious medical problems. We want to empower you with the knowledge to become an expert in your own illness and help you work with your doctor to achieve the best possible outcome.

Why PatientEducationMD?

PatientEducationMD provides useful information unlike big corporate medical websites that confuse patients
PatientEducationMD helps people confused by big corporate medical websites

How is PatientEducationMD different?

  1. We don’t claim to know everything.

    What we know, we know well, and we will take our time to teach you everything we know.

  2. Patient education is our goal.

    We strive to make you well-educated and well-informed.

  3. We are focused and specialized.

    We only focus on common medical conditions that can make you very sick.

  4. We answer common but meaningful questions.

    Actual patients have been asking our MD these same questions for the last 15 years. We know what patients and families want to know.

  5. We don’t just list the symptoms of a disease.

    We explore each disease from many different angles so that you can see what matches your situation.

What is our vision?

Our vision is to become the most trusted, authentic, and practical source of patient education on the internet, specializing in common but serious medical problems that may need hospitalization.

What is our long term goal?

Our long term goal is expand our knowledge base to explore every single aspect of these diseases and answer every question that our MD has encountered in the last 15 years of his medical practice.

We will also publish a series of books on common medical problems with real-life examples and explanations. Each book will dedicated to a certain disease. These books will help people become experts on their own illnesses. We believe that the future of medicine belongs to patient experts, and PatientEducationMD hopes to become the place where future patient experts can gain as much knowledge as possible.

Who will benefit from PatientEducationMD?

These groups of people will benefit from PatientEducationMD:

  1. Everyday people that get sick enough to be hospitalized with a common illness:

    This is the primary group of people that PatientEducationMD was established to help. Our goal is to explore every situation leading to hospitalization with a common illness. Eventually, we will expand our website to include a scenario that closely matches your situation. You will learn what to expect and what to watch out for.

  2. People concerned about their loved ones in the hospital:

    If someone you love has been hospitalized, we understand that it is a very stressful situation. It is a sad reality that you can no longer simply rely on the system to get the job done. In today’s healthcare environment, you have to be proactive and vigilant to make sure your loved ones get the best possible care when hospitalized. With an overworked nursing staff in most of the US hospitals, you sometimes have to look out for signs of things getting worse. You have to alert the nurse when you feel like something is not right. With a serious illness, a few minutes make a big difference. We will teach you what to do in many different types of situations that may arise with different common diseases.

  3. Future patient experts:

    Whether people like it or not, patient experts are the future of medicine. Patients that have experienced and lived through a disease know the symptoms very well. They also understand what it takes to survive a similar event. Patient experts are already teaching seminars and publishing popular books. I want all of you to become patient experts, as long as you can afford the time and effort. Patient experts will become very valuable in the future. The only thing that is preventing more patient experts from coming out is the lack of detailed patient education material without medical jargon. Patients should not have to go to medical school to understand detailed medical information. At PatientEducationMD, one of our goals is to teach in-depth medical knowledge to patients in a language they understand. I hope we play a part in the future wave of patient experts helping other patients.

  4. Healthcare providers looking to give out good patient education reference material

    Most healthcare providers currently do not want to refer patients to the large corporate medical sites that dominate the internet. Most doctors simply do not trust these multi-billion dollar companies that churn out medical information for the masses. They claim to know everything about every medical condition, but don’t give any detailed, practical, or useful patient education material. We hope to become the trusted patient education reference website for healthcare providers taking care of sick hospitalized patients.

  5. Regular people curious about common diseases and conditions

    If you are simply curious about what happens when people suffer from one of the common but serious illnesses, this is the place to learn all the details you won’t find anywhere else.

  6. Future healthcare workers

    If you are thinking about a career in healthcare, you can get a jumpstart by reading all the articles in PatientEducationMD. It can be helpful to learn detailed medical knowledge before learning all the medical jargon.

How can you help us achieve our common goals?

We are in this together. People are not getting what they want from big corporate medical sites, and that is why we are here. We want to give you, your family, your friends, and your loved ones a better alternative.

If you feel like PatientEducationMD is needed, you have to help spread the word. We will not be able to compete with a billion-dollar industry if you don’t share our website with your friends and family. Large corporate medical websites will not be able to dominate the internet forever if we work together. If you like an article, share it on your personal Facebook page, Twitter feed, or any other social media you are using. If enough of you share our webpages with your friends and families, we can achieve our goals.

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