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Our medical expert: Dr. Sapkota

A Message From Our Medical Expert

I am here to give you authoritative medical knowledge that you can trust. Here is why PatientEducationMD may meet your needs better than large corporate medical information sites:

You can trust my expertise

I personally wrote every single medical article on this website myself. It is based on what I do everyday. I am telling you exactly what I tell my patients when I treat them personally. As a board-certified physician, I have been practicing as a full-time hospitalist in the state of Nebraska for the last 15 years. During this time, I have always practiced medicine with three core midwestern values: strong work ethics, unwavering integrity, and helping others wherever I can. I write every single article with the same 3 principles.

More valuable and useful medical knowledge

I offer deeper intricate details about serious medical issues. Instead of just listing all the symptoms of a disease like big medical websites do, I explain each medical symptom in the right context so that you can use the information to make informed choices.

Credible and reliable knowledge

As a full time practicing MD, I keep myself current with the latest medical research articles, evidence based guidelines, and recommendations from major medical societies. Before writing every single article, I double check my advice and make sure it is as accurate as possible. I search and review the most relevant medical journal articles, and I give you all the important information without the medical jargon. For the sake of proper attribution, I list most the relevant medical journal articles as references.

Engaging content with no talking down

I know my patients and my readers are very intelligent people curious about the health of themselves or their loved ones. It is my belief that there is no medical knowledge too complex for anyone. I do not water down any details, and I will give you the same degree of details that I would give any medical student. I only skip the medical jargon, not the details.

High quality and detailed content most patients actually want to know

Instead of listing everything there is to read about a disease or condition, I focus on what my patients have actually asked me. These are detailed issues on specific topics that you won’t find in a large corporate medical website.

Addressing specific situations that may apply to you

Every single medical disease or condition is a vast topic with lots to discuss. At the beginning of each article, I will tell you what specific aspect of the particular condition I will focus on. I value your time. If it is not what you were looking for, you can move on.

Focussed only on what I do everyday

I do not claim to know everything about every medical condition. I will not write on a topic I am not very familiar with. What you will find here is detailed information on most common medical issues that can make you seriously ill. That is my specialty, and that is what I will focus on.

Original content

You won’t find such detailed medical knowledge on these topics anywhere. My writing reflects the core principles of my medical practice. Everything on this website is completely original.

No conflict of interest

To be completely transparent, I am not doing this to benefit my practice. I am not accepting any new patients. I only see hospitalized patients I am assigned to. My goal is not to have readers become my patients. I only want you to be well informed if you end up in the hospital with a serious medical issue. I am not selling any medical service. Everything here is for information only.

Future directions

At this time, we don’t have any advertisements on the website, but we may start displaying some third party ads to support our small but wonderful team of proofreaders, editors, and technical staff who maintain the website at PatientEducationMD, LLC. In the meantime, I am also working on several different books, each focusing on a specific medical condition. I understand that some of you will want to gain even more comprehensive medical knowledge on the particular medical condition you are dealing with.

What you can do to help

If you like what we are doing here at PatientEducationMD, please follow us on Twitter and keep yourself informed. We will let you know about new articles and any new revisions to any existing articles based on new medical research.