Ethics Policy

At PatientEducationMD, we have an unwavering ethics policy that we abide by. Here are the principles that guide us:

  1. Full compliance with Ethical Physician Conduct in the Media, published by the American Medical Association : Specifically, we strive to make sure any information we provide is:
    • Accurate
    • Inclusive of known risks and benefits
    • Commensurate with our medical expertise
    • Based on valid scientific evidence and insight gained from professional experience
  2. No doctor-patient relationship: On every single piece of content, we will be very clear that we are not trying to establish a doctor-patient relationship with our readers. We understand and respect the sacred nature of a doctor-patient relationship you have with your personal doctor.
  3. Communication and decision making: We only provide you with educational information that may help you in your communication and decision-making process with your own doctor.
  4. Privacy and protected health information: We never ask you to provide your medical and health information to us. We discuss the same medical conditions under different situations and encourage you to find the best article that suits your specific situation. However, we will never ask you to give us your specific details. We will not answer any specific questions about your health. That is strictly between you and your doctor.
  5. Professional opinion: Our content is strictly educational and we will not make any claims of providing a professional opinion. In case our opinion on a specific topic does not match your doctor’s opinion, we advise you to follow your doctor’s professional opinion.
  6. Health of the community: We believe in educating the community and helping them better understand what happens when they are sick with a common but serious medical condition. We strive to make this knowledge easily acceptable and widely available.
  7. No solicitation: We will never ask our readers to donate or contribute any money or anything of value to our company. All educational material is free of charge and without any strings attached.