Publishing Principles

Here are our publishing principles:

  1. Clearly defined expertise and authoritativeness: We list the name of our author below the title and above the main content of every article. We also link our author’s name with the medical expertise, credentials, experience, and specialty of the medical expert. Our homepage clearly states our mission and vision and our strategic goals.
  2. Clearly defined freshness and relevance of our content: We state when each individual article was last modified so that you can determine its freshness and relevancy.
  3. Clear expectation: On every single article, we will have a clear indication of what you can find in the specific article. We value your time. You can skip the article if you don’t see what you were looking for in the first paragraph.
  4. Clearly defined audience: We have a clearly defined audience and every article on PatientEducationMD is written with that specific audience in mind. Our target audiences are patients suffering from common but serious medical issues, and their loved ones.
  5. Focussed content: Our content is focused on one specific issue: common but serious medical conditions. We keep it simple and strive to become the authority on our focused issue.
  6. Original content: Before we write on any new topic, we search the web for anything already published. If there is an existing article that says what we want to say in a similar manner, we don’t publish a new article on the topic. We simply provide a link to that article. Anything we publish on PatientEducationMD has to fulfill a knowledge gap that does not exist in any available publicly accessible webpage.
  7. Publicly accessible free of charge: Everything we create on PatientEducationMD is completely free for our readers to enjoy. We do not charge for any subscription whatsoever.
  8. No medical jargon: Our team of copyeditors make sure all our content is free of medical jargon.
  9. Readable: We make sure that our content is always easily readable and easy to navigate. Our copyeditors break down longer sentences and separate ideas into smaller paragraph to make sure our content is easy to read, grasp, and understand.
  10. External linking policy: We follow strict guidelines for external links on PatientEducationMD. External links must lead to authoritative and relevant content. We carefully evaluate all of our references to make sure they are from reputable medical journals, making sure any particular reference material is relevant to the specific article.
  11. Use of original artwork: We create all of our artwork in-house and only use original media in our articles. We do not post pictures, charts, infographics, or diagrams that are available anywhere else on the internet.